Top items that can make a difference in the quality of life of low-income families

Adults and children who living in poverty often lack necessities and access to essential resources needed to navigate day-to-day life. In these uncertain times, those from low-income families in our community and beyond face unprecedented challenges. Thankfully, you can make a real difference to their lives by giving the kind of essential items that grassroots families need.

Donations come in all shapes and sizes and we value contributions both large and small—from individuals, families, schools and charitable organisations. When you give to an NGO or a charitable organisation you are helping address important social needs in our community such as poverty alleviation, helping bridge the digital divide, assisting the elderly, empowering people with disabilities, environmental conservation and more. Read on to find out which items you can donate that will make a difference in the quality of life of low-income families.


Furniture can feel like a luxury for low-income families. Living on tight budgets, a lot of low-income households only have a bed and minimal furniture. One of the best ways to help a charitable organisation is to donate old furniture from your home or office that you no longer need. While you could recycle your well-loved furniture that is still in good condition, that same furniture is particularly helpful for low-income families who need a bed, a sofa or a desk that they can’t afford.


Electrical appliances such as rice cookers, fans, induction stovetops and electric kettles are considered a necessity for many. But for low-income families, they can be out of reach. The same goes for mobile phones and laptops. Donating your old electronics that are still in good condition - such as a laptop or smartphone - can not only provide adults and children living in poverty a better quality of life, but also the opportunity to support their educational and job training aspirations.

Baby products

A number of low-income families find themselves in a situation where they find it difficult or impossible to buy essential baby items such as baby bassinets, prams, cots, sterilisers, clothing, bedding, nappies and many more items. Many families facing financial difficulties find themselves unable to access or afford clean, safe baby and child items. By donating gently used baby and child items to families in need within their local community and city it can make a positive change in those families lives by providing them with essentials while encouraging recycling and waste minimisation.

Looking for a charitable organisation to donate your items?

GoodCity is operated by Crossroads Foundation, an established charity that has facilitated the donation of goods and helping those in need since 1995. Funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust since 2018, GoodCity has ensured that donated goods from all over Hong Kong have helped nearly 300 non-profit organisations, benefiting more than 150,000 people.

Once you’ve submitted pictures of the items you wish to donate, GoodCity’s team of experienced volunteers will review your items and make a decision based on the status, demand, quantity, etc. of the goods. They will then let you know whether the item you wish to donate can help others. GoodCity also provides a variety of logistics options, allowing you to choose a suitable transportation method for your donated goods. You can book a commercial van immediately from within our app, or if you’ve got your own transport, book a time to drop your items off at our headquarters in Tuen Mun.