What kinds of items can be donated to GoodCity?

Here at GoodCity, we accept high-quality goods, such as books, toys, and old furniture, that are no longer needed or wanted by their original owners in Hong Kong, and donate them to people in need, locally and internationally.

We then pass on the donated goods to charities and individuals in need. We are extremely thankful for the manufacturers, businesses, and families in Hong Kong who donate quality items and furniture through their goodwill. We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding the quality of the items we’ve received from our donors who are grateful for the condition and quality of the items we’ve donated.

GoodCity donation guidelines

Over the years, we’ve gathered enough experience to know which items are in higher demand and which are more difficult to place. Below we’ve outlined a list of items that we readily accept:

Home furniture

Office / school furniture

Household goods / toys / clothes

Electrical items

Like the majority of charity shops and organisations that accept gently used items, we gladly take electrical goods.

What kind of donations don’t you accept?

While we would love to accept every item that comes our way, we are unfortunately unable to take all donations. Sometimes we have too much of a certain item and need to put them on hold while we figure out where we can place them. We also cannot accept donations such as broken old furniture that are in need of repair, as we don’t have the people required to fix items.

We’re also unable to take furniture that is large or fragile. For example, glass furniture can easily break during shipment and big furniture like king size beds or sofas aren’t fit for smaller living spaces that are typical in Hong Kong or homes in impoverished areas.

At GoodCity, we are committed to donating items in good condition that can meet the needs of the receiver. On top of that, we want to show the person on the receiving end that they are valued by providing them with items that are of good quality. We have a network of social workers and staff from charity organisations who let us know what items they need. If we are given items we cannot use, we have to sadly reject them. However, we can recommend other charity organisations or shops that may be able to take them.

More information may be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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