How you can make a difference with your donation to families in need this New Year

For many, the New Year is a time for self-reflection and new beginnings – a time to turn over a new leaf. We see this come in the form of all types of New Year’s resolutions, from eating healthier to starting a new exercise regimen. People quit bad habits or take up new ones in the spirit of self-improvement and growth.

Why not bring positive change into your own life by giving back to others in your community? When you donate goods in Hong Kong to those in need, you help bring new hope to individuals and families who lack the resources to do this on their own.

To help fulfil this mission, there are charities that accept donations and deliver your unwanted items to people who will gladly put them to good use and improve their quality of life. Let’s take a closer look at how donating items can make a difference to families in need this New Year.

Help Bring New Hope in the New Year

Many of us have the privilege of being able to make changes when we want to. Whether it’s through having the money to purchase the items needed to achieve our goal or having the resources to embark on a new path in the New Year.

Now consider families living in poverty, the homeless, or those facing the challenges of rehabilitation or special needs – making a fresh start isn’t always possible. However, providing assistance through a goodwill donation can be exactly the spark that’s needed to ignite new hope.

Share Your Excess

We’ve all heard the sayings - “help yourself by helping others” and “to give is to receive.” But do we know what they mean by applying them to our life? Often, when we’re looking to make positive changes in our life, the best thing we can do is give.

Think about all the excesses you have in your life. While having four extra plates in your cupboard or a sofa in a spare room that hardly gets used doesn’t seem like much to you, these items could make a world of difference to a family that’s trying to establish a comfortable home.

Also, reducing clutter brings clarity and focus into our lives. As you get ready to start a new year, a helpful tip is to go through all of your things. Pick and choose what you want to hold on to – whether through need or sentimental value – and evaluate if or how items you don’t use could be beneficial to charities that collect items to help others.

Not only will this decluttering exercise help you get a fresh start, but it will do the same for families that most need it during this time of year. Remember that there are plenty of families who can truly benefit from a piece of second-hand furniture in good condition or electronics you no longer use.

Spread the joy

The end-of- year holidays are a time of joy and festivity. Unfortunately, there are so many who struggle to provide their families with the provisions they need to celebrate and enjoy this time of year.

Perhaps you have board games or toys that haven’t been touched in years. Or baking supplies like cookie sheets and cookie cutters piling up in the kitchen cabinets. Most likely, these items gave you and your family much happiness while they were used but are no longer put to good use.

By donating to charities that collect such items, you can pass the joy on to other families that are less fortunate and can experience the same pleasure. Isn’t it so much more rewarding to think of your items being enjoyed by other families and children instead of sitting around unused in closets collecting dust?

In the spirit of the holidays and spreading joy, try making a box of unused goods that are in good condition to give to charity and donate goods to those in need. It’s the best New Year’s feeling you can give yourself while benefiting others – we guarantee it!

Looking for a charitable organisation in Hong Kong to donate goods to this New Year?

GoodCity, operated by Crossroads Foundation, is a charity donation app in Hong Kong that collects unwanted items in good condition and distributes them to those in need. Donations go to over 300 non-profit organisations that we work with to benefit over 150,000 people in Hong Kong.

To donate goods, submit a picture of the item you wish to donate. An experienced GoodCity volunteer will then review the item or items based on condition, demand, use, etc. and let you know the status of whether your donation can help a family in need. GoodCity is among the best charities that accept donations, and we give you the freedom of choosing a transportation method that involves a van pick-up that you can book directly within our app. Alternatively, you can drop off independently at our headquarters in Tuen Mun.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance at a fresh start for the New Year and that all families should receive the gift of hope. If you feel the same way and wish to spread the joy of hope and a new beginning this New Year to others, we hope you’ll think of us and the people we are committed to helping.