How your donations can make a difference to people in need

In Hong Kong, exorbitant rents and expenses make it hard for some families to afford a large enough space to live in and to afford furniture and other household necessities. For one of our clients, a single mother of 3 children aged 19, 18 and 3.5, this was her reality until she sought help from Crossroads Foundation. Living in a typical 450 sq. ft flat, the first two children are still studying in a special needs secondary school because of their hearing disability, while the youngest one was a surprise arrival. Relying on government aid helped alleviate some of her financial stress, but the family has been waiting in line to be granted public housing for many years.

They have recently moved to another rental flat in San Po Kong, but due to the moving cost and the expenses for her children, she couldn’t afford furniture or basic household appliances.

Giving a helping hand

Thanks to the donations contributed by our generous community in Hong Kong, Crossroads was able to help this single mother of 3 furnish her flat in San Po Kong. Initially wary of charity organisations, she was hesitant to approach us for help since she was afraid that she would be stereotyped. However, after coming down to our warehouse to pick out the furniture she needed with our team’s help, her preconceived fears were dispelled. Having saved money she would have spent on furniture, this client can now use that budget for taking care of her children.

Although our entire community is experiencing difficulties during such an unprecedented time, donations can come in all shapes and sizes. You can help equip a low-income family with basic household essentials, relieve financial burdens, or invest in children’s lives by donating learning materials and tools that can help them succeed academically and break the cycle of poverty. Donating old furniture, clothes, household items such as electrical appliances and baby products can make a massive difference in the lives of those in need.

Crossroads Foundation’s core directive in Hong Kong is to actively support the Social Welfare Department and a wide range of NGOs in providing help to individuals and families living in vulnerable circumstances. Many global issues are on our radar, and we long to see change worldwide. However, our local community is equally as important. Whether an individual or an organisation needs our assistance, Crossroads Foundation does our best to provide goods to empower those in need. With the help and support of our donors, our reach can be even stronger. To further our goal of ‘connecting a world in need’, we’ve developed GoodCity, a specialised app designed for social workers and staff from different charity organisations to access our warehouse to request goods from us. No matter the size or quantity of your donations, we value all contributions, large and small, because when you decide to offer your support and give to an NGO or a charity organisation, you actively contribute to alleviating poverty and empowering those in vulnerable circumstances.

Want to help alleviate the burden of economic hardship affecting low-income families and individuals?

GoodCity is an app that can help place your goods with non-profit projects and people in vulnerable circumstances. Whether they’re furniture, electronics or clothes, we can help you find a second home for your pre-loved items.

GoodCity is operated by experienced charity Crossroads Foundation. Funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust since 2018, GoodCity has ensured that donated goods from all over Hong Kong have helped nearly 300 non-profit organisations, benefiting more than 150,000 people.

How do I donate my goods to GoodCity?

Donating your gently used items to GoodCity is a simple process! Take a picture of the item or items you wish to donate and upload them onto the app. Once you’ve submitted a picture of the item you wish to donate, GoodCity’s team of experienced volunteers will review your item and make a decision based on the status, demand, quantity, etc., of the items. They will then let you know whether the goods you wish to donate can help others. GoodCity also provides a variety of logistics options, allowing you to choose a suitable transportation method for your donated goods. You can book a commercial van immediately from within our app, or if you’ve got your own transport, book a time to drop your items off at our headquarters in Tuen Mun.