Declutter your space: Find joy in simplicity & the opportunity to help others

The concept of living a simple life while doing all we can do to help those in need sounds like an attractive idea to many. However, for those living in cosmopolitan cities where spending and accumulating belongings are the norm, the idea of decluttering and owning less becomes overwhelming when your living space is filled with clutter that is all made up of things that you don’t need. It’s no secret that the tiny apartments in Hong Kong can quickly accumulate a lot in a short amount of time - especially with the rise of e-commerce where shopping has been made more convenient and accessible than ever.

Learning how to declutter your living space doesn’t need to be difficult. The benefits of culling your cluttered space are numerous, whether they be having a clearer mind, having less to organise or less to stress about! But let’s focus on how decluttering your space can help simplify your lifestyle, and benefit those who are living in vulnerable circumstances.

To live a simple life, it’s important to understand the relationship and philosophy between material objects and your mind. Because behind every item that you cannot easily part with, there may be memories related to others. For example, furniture gifted by relatives, tokens of love from past romantic partners, gifts from friends, and more. These items have a lot of meaning and, even if they don’t add value to your life or serve you anymore, they can’t be easily given up.

This is not to say owning and holding onto possessions is unhealthy. It’s not a bad thing for an item that you own to hold sentimental value, but these memories or important moments should not only be placed on the object when it’s something that you no longer want or need.

Instead of simply throwing out the items you’ve culled, a better solution might be donating your pre-loved items that are still in good condition to those in need. The world needs more people who care, and now more than ever before our world faces unprecedented challenges. By donating your pre-loved items you are helping individuals and families living in less than ideal circumstances.

Not sure what organisation you should donate your goods to? GoodCity, operated by Crossroads Foundation, has been funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Fund since 2018. As of the end of May 2020, GoodCity has helped nearly 300 non-profit organisations and charities. Simply upload a photo of the item you wish to donate on our charity donation app, and your item will be reviewed by an experienced volunteer within minutes.

Give your pre-loved items a second chance in life and help someone in need. Download the GoodCity app now!